Why talk about Carrot Juice when you’ve already had Chemo and Radiation?

beatcancerBecause it does work for some people. These videos are my experience with everything. But this also includes the stage of cancer, your overall physical condition, and the type of diet you are currently on. All of these things need to be taken into consideration. Also, had I not been juicing and taking vitamin B17, with the other supplements, I may have not made it through Chemo or Radiation. You have no idea what worked and what didn’t work. All you can base anything you know about me or my journey is by what you see here.

For most people, and you can verify these facts, Carrot Juice and B17 are working and have been the only supplements taken to effectively cure their cancer. These videos are my journey with all of them, including, listening to MY doctors and making changes, only when, effective results are not produced. My type of cancer is very risky because it’s in my throat. Someone with Prostate, Colin, Liver or Pancreatic Cancer, may not need to have conventional therapy because they have enough “room for error” if juicing and supplements don’t work.

Just because I used Chemo and Radiation still doesn’t mean I stopped juicing or taking supplements. I currently have been increasing my juicing of Carrots because of my recovery rate, as well as side effects from the Chemo and Radiation. I do not take vitamin B17 because of the cost, however, I do eat apricot seeds daily.

Cannabis oil has only recently come into the picture, as of 10-15-2016. In fact, I am currently mixing an introductory batch, which is recommended for my condition, Head and Neck (with conventional treatment). Once I start I will post videos so people can follow my progress.

My advice is, and has always been, to check with your doctor first! As stated before, this is my journey so everything stated and shown is what I have done for me.

There is no one cure for cancer. People, in general, respond to different types of therapy based on their overall makeup. By following my journey people can make up their own minds about what and how they want to cure their own cancers.

I am not cured from cancer. The chemo and radiation have killed the tumor, so the immediate danger has been set back, but the primary has not been found.

I will continue to Juice Carrots…




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