Why are there so many different cancer treatment centers?

The funny thing is, there are thousands of cancer treatment centers in and around America. How do you choose the right center for the type of cancer you are dealing with? And, why are there so many?

Also, whats the difference between a cancer care center and cancer treatment centers? Surprisingly, they are one in the same, well, mostly.

In the information that follows, we will discover a little unknown info about cancer care and cancer treatment, as well as how to make the distinction between the two, and why there are so many.

I was diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma in 2014. I was originally seen at my primary doctors office before getting referred to the cancer ward at Providence Medical Center, Newberg, OR.

The cancer ward is in the hospital which makes it convenient. However, the convenients stopped right there. When I had to get a PET or CT scan, I was referred to a cancer center in another town. Why, because Providence doesn’t specialize in cancer treatment or care. They are primarily set up for diagnosis, and that’s it. So, they will not spend the money on the equipment needed to properly diagnose, treat, and care for cancer patients.

At the cancer center, they have everything needed to diagnose and treat cancer. Most cancer centers in America normally have the Chemo unit and Radiation unit in the same building. All the doctors are in one place, making it very handy for coming up with treatments for select types of cancer.

Now, one difference you might find in a cancer center and a cancer care center is beds. Most care centers offer in-house care plans. As soon as you arrive you get your own space, depending on the type and treatment of cancer. Some people have to stay for some time while their chemo and radiation run their course.

These care centers will make the most sense to those needing that type of care. Well, how about those that only need to go in for about an hour or so to get radiated and a chemo drip. For you, a cancer center will normally work just fine. But you can still get the treatment and care from either location.

The Differences

SO, the differences between a cancer treatment center and a cancer care center a basically the amount of care and treatment being provided. They are really the same place.

Why so many?

Like any other business, the more businesses you have, the more services you can provide. You see, the Cancer Industry, as a whole, is big business. I mean big business. Trillions of dollars a year in revenue. With this type of exposure, you will see many more cancer centers popping up all over the US. There is simply too much money in this business to not have enough locations to handle the load.

If I had to do this again, I would go directly to a cancer center. And cut out all the middle men. They can diagnose, treat, and care for cancer patients with maximum efficiency.

If you believe you have,

  • Skin Cancer
  • Head and Neck Cancer Symptoms
  • Jaw Bone Cancer
  • Neck Cancer Symptoms
  • Swollen Lymph Nodes of the Neck
  • Mohs Skin Cancer

I want you to schedule an appointment with your primary doctor. Make sure the reason is clear, this way if they need to refer you to a cancer specialist, they will.

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