Update!, Stephen Jay Jackson, SCC, Squamous Cell Carcinoma, CT, PT, PET SCAN, Jan 2016

Hello everyone!

Here is the update after the doctors visit on the 25th of January. This was a pretty important doctor visit because of the CT & PET scans they performed, as well as the results we can dissect.

Well, the outcome was good and bad.

The good news:

  • My dieting and protocols have slowed the growth of my cancer to a crawl.
  • The cancer is local to the neck and throat only.
  • The rest of my body and organs shows no signs of Metastases.
  • I am still alive and well

The bad news:

  • The cancer has grown from 3.5cm to 6.7cm in 2 years, on the left mass.
  • The cancer has taken over both tonsils, left lymph node and two nodes on the right side of the neck.
  • Surgery is out of the question.
  • The cancer tumor(s) are still malignant and on the uptake.

OK, I have some pretty tough decisions to make right now, because even though there is still growth; it’s growing at such a slow pace, I still have time for natural healing.

I could continue with the protocols that have helped me this far, start my new DMSO Cesium Chloride Protocol I spoke of in my last update, or take the request from Dr. Andersen and run with it.

The request from Dr. Andersen:

The doctor called me on the evening of the 28th and explained all the findings in detail. He then explained that the time for sugar coating is over.

I have 3 options right now:

  • Do nothing.
  • Continue with natural healing.
  • Or, do Radiation treatment and Chemo, combined.

The doctor explained the expected progression at this point and the outlook is grim. His main concern is the artery on the left side of the neck, which is being compressed. If the compression continues, there is a chance of severe blood loss to the brain.

Node_ImageThe other thing is, the cancer “IS” going to come through the skin at some point. When it does, the growth will increase because it is not being contained anymore.

He explained the Radiation and Chemo rounds and told me the truth. I will never be the same after treatment.

He explained what I already knew about these types of treatments, but what he said after that is what had me.

He said that Chemo, Radiation, and surgery are not cures for cancer. They are treatments. He explained that each of these treatments will affect me for the rest of my life. After the Chemo treatments, I will feel the effects for years. After the Radiation treatment, I will never fully recover from the collateral damage I will experience due to the burn. I will lose taste, possibly some teeth, salivary glands will die, not to mention using a feeding tube for a spell.

But, he said I will live, and with the dieting and protocols that cleanse the body of lactic acid, I could potentially come out of this much better than someone not doing anything. He explained that with my current health and physical conditioning, I could get through the 6 weeks of Radiation and Chemo without an issue. He believes the time has come for me to make the hard decision to either stick with my current natural treatments, and we can check findings in 2 months, or get started with conventional treatment and start killing it, and God knows whatever else.


After talking, for what seemed like a lifetime, my wife and I decided to have Dr. Andersen set the “consultation appointment” with the Radiation Specialist at Willamette Valley Cancer Center in McMinnville. They will talk, and we will listen and take notes.

My doctor also explained that right now, I am very strong and have no ill effects from the cancer. If we are going to JUMP, the time is now. At the rate of growth, in 6 months or a year, my conditioning will either get better, or severely worse. If it worsens, the chances of a full recover are less.

The doctor understands the knowledge I have about my condition. So, he was not using scare tactics, he was not trying to rush me, and he simply felt that time is of the essence.

With that being said, this is where I am today.

If you’ve gotten this far, you are either concerned about me, or you, or someone you know, is going through something very similar.

This is the reason I am posting these updates on how I am doing. This is the reality of going through this.

How am I mentally? I do have my fears, I have good and bad days, I am confused most of the time because the swelling will go down for weeks and then spring up out of nowhere. When I think things are moving in the right direction, I get reports like this, which tell me different. It’s a roller coaster at times, but I have to keep moving forward. No self pity here.

I will post an update after our consultation with the Radiation Specialist next week. Till then, I will send a .PDF copy of the CT, PT, PET scans to those who would like a copy. Simply post a comment or email me directly.

Love to you all,