Update!! Stephen Jackson After Seeing The Doctor 8-19-2015


Just came from my doctor’s visit in town. The nurses and the doctor were amazed at my transformation. Remember, I haven’t seen this doctor in over a year. They couldn’t believe what they were hearing, in terms of the initial diagnoses, the diet, my overall condition and the weight loss.

The doctor made copies of all my paper work including my diet plan, supplements, protocols and dates when each event took place. He actually sat next to me and read every single page and couldn’t believe I was actually juicing carrots and mixing asparagus, avocado and beets together. He even asked if I was really drinking these solutions with a straw!

I was so motivated by his total demeanor of how he was devouring the information. He was really trying to wrap his head around the whole thing. It was incredible. After talking about each and every protocol and the supplements used, as well as how I was preparing my carrots and such, he did begin to explain the medical side of things.

Remember, doctors cannot prescribe a diet in order to help cure a certain condition. He began to explain the ramifications, and I told him it wasn’t necessary because I’ve already been through that with my E.N.T specialist a year earlier. He told me that unless there is medical proof, (CERTIFIABLE PROOF) they really can’t encourage me to continue my course of self-healing. However, he did say that he would like to monitor my success with blood tests and CT scans to get measurable results, which I was doing anyway with a different doctor.

All-In-All, I feel the appointment was a complete success. He also said that there isn’t anything he read in any of the documents that could potentially put me at risk. So, in general, he told me to keep on eating right, drink plenty of water and exercise regularly.

He also explained something about Squamous Cell Carcinoma I didn’t read anywhere else and it was kind of scary. Squamous Cell Carcinoma or SCC is quite different than other types of cancer. It is primarily localized. Which means, it doesn’t really spread through the lymphatic system like other cancers do. It will collect in a lymph node, but what happens is it spreads throughout the local tissue, engulfing almost everything it comes in contact with if it isn’t stopped. So, monitoring with blood-work and CT scans will be very important in order to make sure the SCC doesn’t completely involve the entire neck and throat.

This information was extremely powerful because it gives me the entire view of what is really happening. For those who aren’t sure what SCC is, click the link below:


Getting back to the visit, he (legally) had to encourage me to continue to see my E.N.T specialist, as well as give more thought to having Chemo and Radiation, and possibly having surgery at some point. I told him I would rather die first. I also told him that I saw what their cancer cure did for my father and I was not going down that road, ever! The doctor said that we would follow the progress very closely, this way everything is documented. This is so we can use the information in order to help others, or to find out if something isn’t working properly.

I am fine with that..

OK, I want to thank all of my supporters, there aren’t that many financially, but there must be thousands praying for me, because I am still here and going very strong. Thank you all so much because without your help I might not be writing this. You’ve all decided to make my fight your fight and I really don’t have the words to explain how precious and valuable that kind of help really is. Thank you again.

I will be updating again after I get my blood-work back around Sept, 3rd. Until then, thank you all for helping me.


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