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I was hoping this day would never come, but it has.

As of the 23rd of March, I was forced to seek my primary doctor’s opinion about the abscess area over the tumor site.

After going over all of my protocols, supplement intake, and general evaluation, it was decided we needed to treat this area with a heavy antibiotic that will help kill any infection, on top or surrounding the neck tumor, as quickly as possible.

After taking the prescribed medication for 10 days (10 day cycle), the area had still shown evidence of infection internally behind the tumor site.

These types of infections are typical for this type of cancer, however, when it gets infected in a place that cannot be managed from the outside, it becomes time to consult a specialist and plan an avenue of attack.

I say this with a heavy heart, because my primary goal was to beat this cancer using only all natural treatment.

However, I have always said, if my life is in immediate danger, I WILL NOT HESITATE, and see a specialist if something were to go wrong.

When treating yourself with any type of protocol, there is always a possibility something may not work as it was intended. There are a number of stories of this happening and I have heard many of them. This, however, had never detoured me from trying to take the all natural route to cure my cancer.

To all of you who have been there from the start, you have seen the progression of my disease first hand, so you understand that it is very difficult for my family and I to make a decision like this.
On 4/4/2016 I schedule an appointment with a recommended Radiation Oncologist, in McMinnville, at the Willamette Valley Medical Center – HR Hoover, MD Cancer Center.

After consulting with my Dr., and putting everything on the table, it was decided that “time” has run out. Even if I were to get the infection under control, the time it would take to do so would rob my body’s resources needed to fight my cancer. In other words, while my body is fighting the infection, the cancer is left to run rampant.

At this stage, this is not an option.

“To be clear, and to anyone who is fighting cancer naturally, this is information you do not want to disregard.

There is a reason you can not afford to get hurt, sick, eat the wrong foods, or try protocols that may or may not work for your specific condition.

The cancer machine in my body works day and night 24/7-365 and will not stop until “it” is stopped. If, for some reason, you’ve been in a car accident, you’ve gotten a serious infection, or you simply eat foods that play no part in “your” recovery, you are taking a chance that your body may use all of the nutrients, antioxidants, and microbe killers to battle your other issues rather than fighting your cancer.

After two years of natural treatment, and keeping my system stable, things changed for me in early February. On Feb 2nd, the tumor on my neck was 3.5cm to 4cm in size. A week later I had a full blown abscess over the tumor site. From the time I started treating the abscess on my own, until 4/1/2016, while my body was fighting the abscess, the cancer tumor grew to 6.5/7cm in size. Yes, in 2 months the tumor doubled in size.

This was possible because? Right, all of my body’s resources were pulled from fighting or containing the cancer tumor, to fighting the infection. Thus, allowing the cancer to run free. And it did. This information has been explained to me in technical details, and to my knowledge I have translated the information so most people can understand what had happened.

It seemed as if the inflammation would subside on its own, and I could resume my normal protocols and keep moving forward. This, however, never happened.”

With the help of my wife, my primary doctor, my surgeon, and new oncologist, the best and quickest route to saving my life, in the short term, is to consider a Chemo-Radiation therapy developed specifically for my condition.

So here it is, plain and simple.

To get more time with my wife and family, I will need 7 weeks of Radiation therapy. Once a day, 5 days a week, for 7 weeks. Chemo will also be used, but only once a week, for 7 weeks. This is to start, after this process has been completed, I will be re-evaluated.

If I don’t choose this path, I could take my chances, but considering the growth factor already, and the pain I am having as a result, this would not be possible.

Today, the pain is constant. It never goes away. When the abscess popped, or lanced itself, the pain all but subsided. It came back with a vengeance. The only way I can describe the pain is like having your head in a vise. And someone is very slowly turning the handle and closing it on my head. The tumor is resting right on the nerves that run up the left side of my face. The internal abscess is between the tumor and the nerves. When it swells (or fills with fluid), the pain is almost unbearable. When I clean and drain the site, the pain decreases, but never stops completely.

Without going too much further, I know how this may make many of you feel. I am truly sorry I could not continue with going at it alone with your help.

To, hopefully, get a few more years with my family, we, as a family, have decided it is time to let these doctors burn and poison me back to health. As odd as this may sound, it’s the truth.

I Know, and “theses specific” doctors have told me that what they will do is, by all means, not a cure. However, with my positive attitude, my commitment to diet, and my love for God, life, and my family, I should pull through without too many complications.

There will be lifelong side effects, for however much time I’ll have left. God only knows. But at this point, we have to make a life decision. So we did.

I will be starting treatments on 4/11/2016 and will post a video diary for my followers, so you can re-live what I am living.

If I have said anything or done anything to upset any of you because of a decision I made or something I have done, I am truly sorry. I did what I felt was best after seeing my father get destroyed by Chemo and Radiation.

I have a support group which consists of my immediate family, which is important. We work as a team, and without any one of them, we all feel the impact. This also includes me..

Do I need financial help, “YES” – but I really need something even more than that.

I am asking you to please pray for me. Please pray for me… because it does work…! I believe, and my hope is that if you don’t now, someday you might.

My radiation therapy is around 11am every Monday thru Friday. Chemo every Monday, for the next seven weeks. For those who are prayer warriors, this information might help.

I will post weekly updates until I can’t.

For those of you who have helped me financially and through prayer, only God has more love for you than I do.

Take care, and God Bless all of you…