Update 6-5-2017 Stephen Jackson, beat cancer – Keytruda

I have felt it’s been time for an update for a while so I’ll try to do one how‘s that. First off I would like to thank all those who have been keeping up with my progress in and out of the hospital, and as well as understanding this heart condition I have been putting myself through.

You know there is a lot you don’t understand when you are sick. One thing is you can get heart congestion, which is what I got not knowing how, but still getting it. I was eating and I should not have been. I was also taking medication for pain in my head, which only made things worse. I should have been reading and watching for signs that things were getting worse off.

I ended up in the hospital once for the medication problem, then for the breathing and dizziness. The final time was for the heat congestion they are calling DI Heart Failure, which is an issue you can really die from. That’s why I have always said, people can die from the problems cancer brings on, it’s not really the cancer at all.

I am at home right now recovering from the heart congestion, pneumonia, and all the prayers everyone has been sending me.

I appreciate all the prayers, but I also need to ask for donations from those that can help in that way as well .

Anyway, I will cut this one short because most of you know how to get a hold of my anyway and we can talk.

I just want to thank all my followers, thank you and God  bless you all. Don’t forget to pray for me and Through a donation in there.