Understanding Amydalin, Apricot Kernels, B17 or Laetrile

There are a great number of people whom today, still do not believe that Apricot Kernels can help to cure cancer. Well, I am here to tell you that I have been using them for over a month now, since my diagnosis, and they have been working extremely well.

Now, Apricot Kernels or B17 aren’t the only protocols I am using, but for the most part, they have really dominated my healing process. In this post I am including a video that will help you undertand more about these miracle foods, and why you, even if you don’t have cancer, should be taking them. Even if you do so for preventative reasons.

There are two videos below. One is G. Edward Griffin talking about Apricot Kernels in general, and the other is, ” A World Without Cancer.”