Tooth Pain vs Muscle Pain for Head and Neck Cancer, Throat cancer, Squamous Cell Carcinoma

The pain is about the same today as it has been this entire week.Is this good or bad? I’m not sure, but I do know that if the pain has not escalated, I could be on the mend.

Boy, dealing with tooth pain is no fun, really.

I am updating today based on this pain I have been dealing with since my tooth went bad.

The tooth pain is over-bearing to any type of pain my body is experiencing right now. That is a very powerful pain.

My neck pain comes in a close second though. It has not subsided either but I think it’s because of the proximity to the tooth problem.

When comparing oranges and apples, I can say that I do not wish tooth pain on anyone. Of course, I have the same sentiments for cancer pain.

Getting ready for Christmas, dealing with tooth and cancer pain

I can only speak for myself, but without Advil, I would be in trouble. It seems to take away the pain without leaving me in a jittery mess. I know you are not to exceed 4000mg a day, which is high, but I can see how a person could exceed that number.

I was told in the hospital that they always want patients to feel as little pain, discomfort as possible when in the ICU or a recovery unit.

The reasoning behind this is because of the state of your being. If your body is battling pain caused by extreme trauma, the body, tends to take forever to heal when it is in this aggravated state. In order to speed up recovery, pain management is required in order to get the bodies aggravated state to an acceptable level.

Once at this level, the body can focus on healing, rather than pain, which requires much more energy.

My wife and I went shopping the day before yesterday and that was kind of scary. I took precautions, such as bringing backup Advil just in case.

A lot of stopping, going, standing, waiting, looking, getting blown away with prices, and dealing with this tooth pain. It went OK. But, I will remember this year for sure.

Some relief – Water Pick, Oils and Soups

My wife had bought a water-pick the other day, at the request of her dentist (maybe I should see that dentist)lol. And to be honest, it really helps with the tooth pain. I just start it up and begin cleaning between the gums and tooth and the pain does subside quite a bit.

Also, the cannabis oil does help a GREAT deal with pain as well, I am taking the very smallest dose right now, which is like half the size of a grain of rice, and boy – it really relaxes me and allows the muscle tension to just dissipate.

Also, eating a very good diet with lots of fresh veggies is vital right now. You can also make soups that are rich in bok chow, ginger, cabbage, carrots, sprouts, radish, and fresh noodles. These make great wellness soups because of the vitamin rich broth.

These little helpful tips will help for those that have been diagnosed with the following, and many more:

  • Head and Neck Cancer
  • Squamous Cell Carcinoma
  • Jaw Bone Cancer
  • Lymph Node Cancer
  • Those Getting Cancer Treatment (check with your doctor)
  • Basel Cell Carcinoma
  • Squamous Cell Lung Cancer

Exercising Daily

I know, this is always a tricky one for those in pain. When moving around in pain, this is a recipe for disaster. You can really hurt yourself because of the loss of control of some, or all of your functions.

With that being said, most of us can and should be exercising on a daily basis. We must do something like take a walk, ride a bike, stand in one place and move your body around for at least 20 minutes. This will help over time, I promise.

I have my little jumper I paid $49 for and I love it. I am able to get a pretty good workout in about 20 minutes. The jumping helps with my lymph drainage and exercise in general. I DO NOT JUMP WHEN IN PAIN.! I just don’t do anything that raises the blood pressure when I am in pain. So, use extreme caution when getting up and doing something, but, do something.

That’s it for today,

Talk to you tomorrow…

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