“Think of the word ‘involvement.’

Think of all that’s contained in that single word. Involved with your own life, in so many ways, right. Think of all the mental involvement you have, both inside yourself and directed out toward the world, all the thousands of things that you think about all day long.

Article-Marketing-1Think about your own involvement with your surging and very often raging emotions, like a flood that comes over you. You’re very much involved with your sensations and feelings, are you not?

Look at the outer involvements too, with where you work, with the people you live with, with the conflicts, with the wishes you have that somehow that world out there wouldn’t be so fierce to you, that you could be fully involved in this life without being so punished.

Let me give you something to think about right now. Does it ever occur to you that the reason you’re not getting along with yourself or with that society out there is because of your wrong involvements?
And you are the cause of everything that starts within you, that eventually goes out into the world, which are your involvements.”

Right Ideas for a Right Day
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