Stephen Jackson Cancer Update: Tell Me It Isn’t So






I really don’t know how to say this except to just come right out with it. I’m doing fine. All of the alternative therapies I’ve been using are working. Eating a raw food diet with vitamin supplements have been feeding my body what it needs in order to create a powerful immune system to fight cancer. However, this isn’t a good thing when it comes to asking for help with medical bills. Tell me it isn’t so…

I was at work the other day talking to a really good friend and customer. We were talking about his struggles, then, he mentioned mine. We spoke for a good 15 minutes about the therapies I’m using and how they have improved my life, in general, as well as how my fight with cancer is unlike those who have chosen Chemo or Radiation therapy over an alternative method.

I ensured him that there is more than enough information out there for people who would like a second opinion about the therapies available.

Then he told me something really disturbing.

He asked me why I thought people have only contributed $500 so far to my cause. This is after he did some checking on GoFundme.Com and found others that have only been on for a couple of weeks that have been funded from 20k to over 100k. He said the only difference was that the others had chosen the conventional route and showed pictures of the aftereffects of Chemo and Radiation.

I could see where he was going with this and I stopped him right in his tracks. I said that times were hard and people will give what they can and that is good enough.

He asked me if it cost any less for me to get a needle biopsy, PET or CT scans, and I told him; no it doesn’t. He asked if my Naturopath was covered under my insurance for alternative therapy, I told him no, and I do have to pay for a majority of this, as well as all supplements, from my own pocket. He asked if I will still be covered for the same medical problem after I declined the recommended therapy of Chemo and Radiation, because these types of medical records follow from insurance company to insurance company. I told him, I didn’t know.

After doing some research I found that most of EVERYTHING I’m doing will need to be paid out of pocket. This includes all follow-up tests, blood work, scans, as well as doctor visits and securing my supplements.

I thought for a while after our conversation that maybe people don’t really know. After all, most people aren’t aware that there is an alternative choice, so how could they really be in touch with the costs associated with this type of treatment.

The other side of this is that I’m not sick. My hair isn’t falling out. I haven’t had surgery. I go to work every day and help people get what they need to fix their problem, and never talk about mine except when asked how I’m doing. And the daily answer is, GREAT, because it’s the truth. But I still have cancer, and I am still fighting it every day, I’m just doing it a different way.

Is it wrong? Should I be at home in the bed resting, telling people that eating fruits, vegetables, fish and nuts are really taking a toll on me? Or, that taking all the supplements is overwhelming? No, because it’s not true. The truth is I have never, ever, felt as good as I do now. My blood pressure is normal, my blood-work levels are that of a healthy 30 year old. I have massive amounts of energy and I don’t think I have ever had a clearer head in my life.

The truth is I don’t know why I don’t have more funding, but I’m OK with it if it’s just people giving what they can, when they can.

Hopefully this will shed some light on the alternative choice vs conventional therapy. Either way it costs money that you will not have, but for me, and only me, the raw food diet with a mega load of supplements is working. I can only thank God I made the right choice, for me.

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