Stephen Jackson Cancer Update 1-9-2016, SCC, Squamous Cell Carcinoma, Carrot Juice, Cesium Chloride

Update 1-9-2016

Of course, I would like to start by thanking all of you who have supported my quest to cure my own cancer.

Over the course of a month, a lot has happened in my life, and I’m sure in yours as well.

As you know, I had a series of tests performed in November of last year, with a scheduled PET and CT scan to happen sometime between December 15th and the 30th.

The tests aggravated the tumor in the throat and the lymph node on the side of my neck. So swelling has occurred in both areas. Because of my diet, and overall condition, the swelling has subsided, but the size has not changed.

Before confirming the dates for scans, somewhere around December 5th, I was introduced to a Surgeon at OSHU by the name of Peter E. Anderson, M.D.

After googling Dr. Anderson, to find out more about him and what he does, I was amazed at his credentials. He is the leading authority on SCC or Squamous Cell Carcinoma, as well as any type of cancer that affects the head and neck.

I set an appointment with him to inspect my progress, as well as hear what his take would be on my progress/decline.

This meeting brought tears to my wife’s eyes, and that really hurt.

This type of cancer is actually very mysterious and aggressive. The whole entire medical community has 3 types of treatments for this type of cancer.

1.) Cut it out!
2.) Chemotherapy
3.) Radiation Therapy

Does this sound familiar?

After Dr. Anderson explained the progression of this cancer, the room was so quiet you could almost hear the emergency ward 3 floors down.

I am Stage 4.. Fully engulfed lymph node(s), they think 4 lymph nodes on the left side, 2 on the right, and 1 on the back of the neck.

To my astonishment, he explained how long it took to actually reach my head. You see, it takes years for cancer to create a growth so significant it can be seen or felt on the outside of the body. When cells split (i.e., cancer cells) it takes up to 10 years for a tumor to get to the size of the tip of a ball point pen. In that tip, there are millions of cells splitting and being corralled by fighter cells. The fighter cells try to kill or quarantine the bad cells so they do not spread to the rest of your body, this eventually becomes a tumor.

When the tumor can no longer contain the bad cells, they grow larger and begin to consume anything which comes in contact with it outside of the tumor walls.

In my case, the lymph node on the side of my neck has grown into the neck muscle on the left side. On the opposite side of the muscle, there is soft tissue, nerves, and arteries.

To make a long story short, if left unattended or untreated, the cancer will spread and consume everything it comes in contact with.

After being inspected by Dr. Anderson, he was scratching his head a little. I asked him what was wrong, and he said, “All though the lymph node is 3.5cm, it hasn’t grown up or down the lymph system. Also, the tumor should have fused with the lower cheek, tongue and the back side of the throat, yours hasn’t.” He was confused and excited at the same time. He asked what I was doing, and I told him about my diet and the benefits of carrot juice. He went on to say that whatever it is I’m doing, it’s preventing the normal progression of this condition.

He said he is really surprised to see me, after being diagnosed a little less than 2 years ago. People with this type of cancer don’t last that long.

OK, let me back up a little because I heard someone ask, “10 years? How come your immune system didn’t catch it earlier?”

Quite honestly, this is an excellent question.

(After much research, this is what I know)

“You see, your immune system is in place to fight off foreign bodies, (i.e., viruses, bacteria, infections, and so on) your immune system was not set up to fight itself. Cancer is metabolic. This means, YOUR body created it, you can’t pass it on to others because it, is you. Since your body created it, your immune system can do very little to fight it.

What does fight it is your fighter cells, which targets cells that split, that aren’t supposed to. Let’s say we wanted our immune system to fight cancer, we would eventually end up dying from an autoimmune condition where the body turns on itself.”

After leaving the doctor’s office, I really had some serious thinking to do. Do I keep fighting this with the alternative path I’ve chosen, or finally choose to get Chemo or Radiation, or allow them to cut it out.

By the way, there are serious side effects that come with each of these treatments, and Dr. Anderson made sure I knew what they were because I would never be the same after any one of these, or a combination of them all.

After visiting, we set the appointment for the PET and CT scan for December 30th. After making the appointment, I decided to do some research in order to find someone who cured SCC or throat cancer with an alternative therapy.

3 days before the scan appointment, I found the Curtis Thomas story. After reading his book, I cried.
This man’s story is an amazing revelation on a persons will to live or die. He decided to live without conventional therapy, and I’m glad he did. He shares his story in a very small book, which is available on Amazon.

After reading his story, and confirming the findings with CancerTutor.Com,, and, I HAVE FOUND MY TREATMENT.

I have never set out to kill my cancer. I have always been of the mindset to create an environment where cancer can not live. I believe I have done as much as I can with diet and carrot juice alone.

The Protocol can be found here:

pH Therapy (a.k.a. Cesium Chloride Protocol)

“TREATMENT RATING: This cancer treatment has been at the forefront of alternative medicine for more than three decades. It is both strong and fast-acting. However, this protocol is so potent that a person should not attempt this protocol without expert support from the vendor. Fortunately, the recommended vendor, who is at Essense-of-Life (spelling is correct), has the needed expertise.”


In order to use these life saving treatments, which my wife (an LPN) will help administer, I need your help financially.

I have contacted Essense-of-Life. I have been instructed to purchase the following Cesium/DMSO kit:

The cost of the kit is roughly $800

The contact person I spoke with is well versed in all aspects of cancer, its prevention, its cures, as well as understanding who you are, how involved you are with curing yourself, and at what point you would feel like giving up.

These things are important because the bottom line is, nothing will help if you, if you, are not willing to help yourself.

I am willing to help myself. However, Financially I fall short. So I’m reaching out, again!!


I have re-scheduled my PET and CT scans for the end of January, just in case.

If one person, or a number of others will be willing to join hands with me, I truly believe this is my final choice. It is said in the long, extremely detailed, protocol that results should be visible within 2-3 weeks.

I have spoken to all of my doctors and get the standard warning (except Dr. Radzik), as well as the normal encouragement to just get the chemo, radiation or surgery and be happy with a 3% cure rate.

Or I can choose the new protocol (Cesium/DMSO), which has a 50% cure rate for advance stages of cancer and 93% cure rate for STAGE 4 patients without previous chemo, radiation or surgery.

I choose the latter, and I hope you do as well.

If you choose to help, which I hope you do, please do not purchase the kit for me. The reason is, you have to fill out a long medical history document. This is so they can make sure nothing provided in the kit will interfere with anything else I am currently using. They also set up a complete scheduled protocol to fit my daily schedule.

My wife and I have talked at length about my decision to heal naturally. I truly believe this is the next and final phase of my therapy. I don’t know how much time I have, but I don’t really have time to experiment.

If you’ve gotten this far, you care, and thank you for that..

Please help if you can, and for those sending prayers, God see’s all things.. He gave us the ability to make choices, because this defines who we are, and who we become.

It’s in Gods hands now..

God bless and thank you all for everything..