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After last night, I may want to get on the phone and just cry until I can get an appointment. Man, this pain is really bad. I mean, I feel this tooth pain almost everywhere in my body, but mostly my entire head.

Remind you, this is all from a toothache.

I haven’t even started working on my swallowing or lymph fluid issues. I need to start working on them but this tooth pain is preventing me from doing anything.

Also, I already had the appointment set up for today. Now, I get a call and the dentist can’t see me until the 27th. He said he has to have a root canal dentist, a head and neck cancer surgeon, and an orthodontist.

All these people have to be present for one doctor to perform a root canal.

They are taking every precaution in order to ensure a good outcome. If they make a mistake when they play with my tooth, it could ending up costing me my complete jaw, and costing them a law suite if something isn’t done correctly.

The funny thing is, no one has posted this type of information with regards to neck cancer symptoms or recovery.

Most people suffering with squamous cell carcinoma skin cancer, have their issues on the outside on top of the skin area.

Most cancers are like this, for instants:

  • Melanoma Skin Cancer
  • Lymph Nodes Neck
  • Jaw Bone Cancer
  • Mohs Skin Cancer
  • Basel Cell Carcinoma (very similar)

A lot of these cancer types can be seen when they are extremely active. The skin types like Melanoma and Mohs turn up like skin rashes, discolored moles, soars, and infections that simply do not go away.

The lymph node and jaw bone cancers are visible only when things are out of control. The lymph node begins to swell and becomes visible where ever it is located. The jaw bone begins to deteriorate, causing massive amounts of pain and discomfort.

If for some reason you are having an issue like a skin problem, swollen or painful lymph node, or a jaw that is hurting without warning, you will need to go and see a skin cancer doctor right away. The sooner the better because we don’t want any type of escalation here.

The good news is there are many cancer treatment centers that can help you if an issue where to arise. A cancer treatment center is usually equipped with everything needed to give you a complete diagnosis.

My cancer care center provides me with everything I need to get through this fight. So, you want to make sure your cancer treatment center is providing everything you need to understand what type of cancer you have, how they plan to deal with it (working with you) and what your next step might be.

It’s no fun dealing with head and neck cancer, but having someone on the inside, regardless of the type of cancer you have, really helps.

Also, you could also be diagnosed with stage 4 Squamous Cell Carcinoma, and still be walking and talking like nothing is happening. This is very scary. This leads me to the question, “What is Squamous Cell Carcinoma?”.

For those that don’t know, this type of cancer takes on all forms of symptoms. Some symptoms are similar to other types, but mostly consistent with either squamous or basel. They start on the skin but can travel through soft tissue very quickly.

If you are showing or feeling any type of head and neck cancer symptoms, see a cancer specialist ASAP.

We need to work together to keep each other informed, because the doctors and Big Pharma do not care.

I do, and that is why I am sharing my story of Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma..

Till tomorrow..