Some Basic Rules on how Cancer behaves:

By Peter Brodhead CN
Brighter Day Natural Foods Market
1102 Bull Street, Savannah, GA 13401
8/15/05 update

8 key points about how cancer behaves:

1 – Cancer loves and feeds on sugar – Cancer cells have up to 24X more glucose receptor sites than do normal healthy cells and they consume 10 -15X more glucose (sugar) than normal cells. Tumors of the central nervous system seem to be the most sensitive to glucose, but all cancerous growth is fed by glucose. Eliminate as much sugar from your diet as possible, even though you are craving sweets (the cancer is begging for food). Keep blood sugar levels and insulin levels as even as possible. You can still eat fruit if it’s whole but not fruit juices. Books like Barry Sears – “Enter the Zone” and Sugar Busters have good information about keeping blood sugar levels even. The less high blood sugar level spikes – the less sugar for the cancer cells to consume and grow with.

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