Monday the 19th of December, Squamous cell carcinoma, head and neck cancer, – got to see the dentist…

Boy, I don’t think I can handle another night like that. The pain is so great, I can really feel it all over my head, neck, back and face.

A toothache is nothing to play with but I have to wait for the dentist to figure out how they plan to work on me without disrupting the foundation of the tooth. This will be very difficult because of the root structure of the molar.


OK, Pain Management:

Narcotic pain MEDs-

  • Morphine Sulfate 15mg Time release – x 2 day = 30mg
  • Morphine Sulfate 15mg Breakthru – x 4 day = 60mg
  • Advil 200mg – x 12 day = 2400mg

This is what i am using to deal with this tooth and cancer pain. This is the very high end for me. I am usually at the low end of the spectrum.

What I mean by the lower end is, for my Head and Neck cancer symptoms, I normally take 1/2 the breakthrough amount, and no Advil at all.

Because I have no more lymph nodes, neck cancer pain is now on the rise for me, so I have to be careful.

So, I have a considerable increase, as you can see,

Hopefully I can get to the dentist and get this tooth issue resolved so I can start figuring out the swelling issues I’m having with my esophagus.

Pain Level All Night:

On a 1 to 10 scale, the pain level was around 4-5 pretty much, all night.


I am going to increase my Carrot Juice consumption, and anything high in the PH family, to help with inflammation.

This means eating all good organic veggies, fruits and nuts…

Lots of juicing because this is the lifeblood of recovery. The body needs all the vitamins and nutrients it can possibly get. The good news is, the body will only take what it needs and never stores anything when eating correct.

OK, I’m on the phone this morning and I will keep you up to date as to whats happening so far..