Maple Syrup Is The New Cancer Cure, Says A Recent Study

Maple syrup holds the key to curing cancer, according to a new study. It sounds incredible but it might be true. This finding is backed up by hard evidence. So you think that having hot cakes for that morning breakfast is unhealthy, huh? Well, think again. It appears that, from now on, we may all need to eat more hot cakes in the morning. And so, to hot cake lovers all over the world, this supposed new cure for cancer can be a cause for celebration.

According to News 5 Extra, maple syrup makes a great substitute for chemotherapy. As the source explains, taking maple syrup to treat cancer, unlike chemotherapy, is free from any side effects. Still, the study cautions that people should go easy on the maple syrup, making sure to take in only small doses each time. After all, this new cancer cure is loaded with sugar……

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