Losing weight the right way to Beat cancer, Stephen Jackson

Before-AfterIt’s an amazing feeling to find out how a person can lose weight while implementing an alternative diet for fighting cancer. Well I, Stephen Jackson, am that person and it’s working for me. Below I will discuss some very important reasons why this has happened, as well as how this very important byproduct can work for you.

As many of you know, I have been fighting cancer since May of this year. It wasn’t easy making the choice to go the alternative route, but I’ve seen so many success stories, it just made sense to try it for myself. Mind you, I didn’t do it for the purpose of losing weight, although I’ve read stories about a lot of people who had, I simply wanted to find a way to stop the growth of the carcinoma I have.

The Raw Food Diet

The raw food diet was my choice. The reason, it simply made sense. There are a lot of diets out there and there might be some that are even better. I don’t know. What I do know is the raw food diet has worked for me. I have lost over 30 pounds since I started in August 2014. I began as a weight of 221lbs and as of December 21, 2014, I now weigh 188lbs. This is just amazing because I eat more now than I ever did. Plus, I take a ton of supplements on top of three large meals a day.

Fruits, Vegetables, Fish and nuts will be the mainstay of my diet. I do eat free range eggs and chicken every once in a while, but do not make it a part of my daily routine.
A typical day will be something like this:


  • Morning tea
  • Budwig Diet – Cottage Cheese, Flaxseed oil, Ground Flaxseeds, Raisins and Honey
  • Fresh Juice – Carrots, Cabbage, Apples, Ginger


  • Smoothie – Cucumber, Grapes, Spinach, Celery, Dates, Banana


  • Fish or Sardines, Black Rice with onions and garlic

With supplements and water through out the day.

This may sound boring but it’s all I eat and that is really a lot. When you consume this amount of food on a daily basis, you will visit the restroom more frequently than you would on your normal diet. The reason is; your body is adjusting to the food it can actually use, so you are not storing anything. When your body is finished extracting all the nutrients, it discards the rest, as it should when your system is working properly.

I have found that when I was eating all the wrong foods, my body was storing more and I was using the restroom once a day. My body wasn’t discarding everything because it wasn’t sure what it needed from all the crap I was feeding it. This is really funny because when I say “Crap,” I mean all the normal things we eat that we think are good for us.

Everything I eat is based on what nutrients it can provide for my body. You must find this out on your own by talking to a Naturopath. They will discuss your current diet with you and help you make the changes needed in order to eat healthier. I did it, and so can you. I will tell you this, after listening to my doctor, I have more respect for those that understand nutrition and how it affects your body now and in the long run.

I truly believe that a diet very similar to what I am doing could also help you. Eating a raw food diet has been proven by millions to work in a variety of circumstances, including heart disease, cancer, skin problems, emotional issues, fatigue and a number of other issues.

For more, please leave a note and I will respond.

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