Diagnosed With Cancer? Now What Do I Do?


At this point and time, you will need to make some very important choices. To beat cancer, Stephen Jackson had to make some of the same very hard choices. In fact, many of the choices you will make will not only affect your life, they will affect the lives of loved ones and generally the people that surround you and make up your life time inner circle. In the information that follows, you will discover some of the choices I’ve had to make, why, and how you might decide to make your own choices.

The Diagnosis

Most people who are diagnosed with cancer don’t really feel sick. I didn’t. The only reason I knew something was wrong was because of a lump on my neck. Was the lump on my neck a real death sentence, or simply a sign from my body that something was wrong and I needed to change something?

This is what many people don’t understand about cancer. It is a natural occurrence in everyone. When your body ends up being so depleted of vitamins and minerals, the body is unable to fight off free radicals and toxins, and the end result is an immune system gone array.

I didn’t know this when I went to the doctor, however the news I received was not even close to what I just stated. You see, it took me 60 days and roughly $7,000 to only get a preliminary diagnosis. This was from the time I found the lump to the time I had a needle biopsy to find whether the lump was malignant or benign.

Once the doctor received the test results, I had already known something was wrong and I needed to make some choices. Once the diagnosis came in, and I was diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma, they still wanted to do more testing, in addition to several rounds of Chemo and radiation therapy.

Understanding Therapy

I made my first choice. I said no to conventional therapy. This was not hard for me, however, it is hard for many to make this choice and here’s why.

You are scared: You’ve heard horror stories about cancer and you’re simply scared to death.

They scare you: The medical industry instills fear in the patient in order to guide them into the failed conventional cancer therapy revolving door, which leads only one place, death.

Family Pressure: Family is either on your side, or they are against you trying to find an alternative treatment because conventional therapy has a 97% failure rate. But they don’t know this because they are blinded by Pink Ribbons and cancer charity organizations that tote, “The cure is just around the corner”.

Understanding Yourself

This may seem selfish, but YOU are fighting to save YOUR life. If YOU do not make a choice to save your own life, no human can. You must have faith that all of this has happened for a reason, if nothing more than to wake you up. Now, faith without action is simply faith. But in all things life, we must take action in order to invoke change. This includes those of you, and me, diagnosed with cancer.

The very first thing you must understand is that you are not dead. Educate yourself on cancer and the causes. Read books on the subject, or have someone read them to you. Find out about alternative cancer cures and protocols. Find out about the suppressed information on NUTRITION. Change your diet. Change your environment if needed. Do what it is YOU have to do in order to live. Question everything, and make a choice, because ultimately, it’s your life and YOU have been diagnosed with cancer.

Stephen Jackson – Diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma, Neck and Throat Cancer on August 20th, 2014. Tumors are already shrinking, September 28th, 2014.

Stephen Jackson, Writer, Publisher, Cancer Fighter. If this article has helped you, please donate and share this information.


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