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This is the part of the cannabis harvest that you need to make some curing choices. If you are ready to harvest marijuana, there are a number of different processes to do so. However, I choose the 2 stage cure process method.

Materials needed:

  • Cannabis, marijuana, weed, pot
  • 1 gallon zip lock bags
  • 1 gallon canning jars with seal-lids
  • Shape scissors
  • x60 magnifier

thumbnailHopefully you already have a harvest you can work with. If not, follow along just to find out how easy it is, and maybe next year, you can get started.

Stage 1:

You’ve now cut down your plants and you’ve given them a good trim. You’ve hung them in your drying area, and it’s been to 7 days and you’re ready for stage 2. Well, just make sure your plants that are drying are not completely dried out. When harvesting marijuana, you want to make sure your stems are not completely dried out. You can test this process by bending a stem. If it breaks off, your plants are too dry. If it snaps lightly, it’s ready for stage 2.

One thing: When you hang your plants, make sure to hang them by stem sizes. If you have some buds with little stems hanging next to larger buds with large stems, these will dry at different frequencies. So hang them with like/kind buds. This makes it easy to determine what is ready, and what is not.

Stage 2:

Using canning bottles or gallon size zip lock bags, you will begin the process of trimming off your marijuana harvested buds into either container. This process could take a little time based on the size of your weed harvest. Some come out with more than others.

You can break all this down based on large buds, smaller buds, popcorn buds and shake (if you keep it). We keep it all because you can make different things with different parts of the plant. None of the plant is wasted here. Even when I sweep up, I use everything over again. (Compost for Stems).

Once you have your jars and bags filled lightly with your cannabis harvest, you are ready to set specific times to burp your jars and bags.

Burping helps to make your buds cure consistantly. This allows even air flow through all the jar or bags. I normally burp my weed harvest twice a day. This really helps keep the weed from drying out too fast, and allows that perfect skunk smell to come through.

I will post more videos on that because right now I have 3 gallon jars full, and 9 gallon bags, full. And I have 2 more plants that need to be harvested this year as well.

I hope this helps with your harvest. If you are wondering when the best time to harvest marijuana, watch some of the earlier videos for more information. If you have any questions aboout my cannabis harvest, please feel free to share below.

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Oh. This is a perfectly legal Outdoor Marijuana grow and Harvest. I am a licensed certified grower, and medical patient.

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