Beat Cancer, Stephen Jay Jackson Update 3/22/2015

Update 3/22/15

As always, I would like to thank those of you who have supported me, and continue to do so, throughout my fight with cancer.

I am posting an update, as well as giving you some insight as to what I’ve discovered about cancer recovery in general.

A few days ago, a close friend of mine took his own life because he felt his life was out of his own control. He was in his mid to late 80’s, but very coherent when dealing with life issues. His story is a life of struggle with addiction, recovery, and then health issues later on. The stresses had become too much of a burden, and he made a personal choice as to how he would deal with it.

Although this is a very sad day for his family and friends, I do understand how he could have come upon his decision. Not that I would choose the same, but I see these same things happening to people who have been diagnosed with cancer.

When I was diagnosed, all I knew about cancer was that, other people get it. After months of studying and studying, I’ve found that everyone is at risk for some form of cancer. And these risks come from three things, Lifestyle, environment, and nutrition.

The doctors are right in one aspect of treatment, and that is, once diagnosed, you need to make a life-changing decision. They, however, have a hard time telling you what that is in the three areas mentioned. They do tell you, from a medical aspect, that something needs to be done right away. For most people, this alone, is very scary. It was for me, and I am sure it was for all of you out there who have cancer and are reading this.

The problem is, knowing this, and the knowledge I had at the time of diagnosis. I could have very easily made a choice to go with 30 rounds of Chemo and several rounds of Radiation, which, by all the things I’ve read, could have put me in an early grave. But I’m not here to talk about all that.

I was talking to a friend the other day who is also very knowledgeable about cancer and the people who have it. He told me something that I have experienced, but didn’t really know what was happening.

The majority of people diagnosed with cancer simply want it gone. They don’t care how, they just want the nightmare to end. A small percent want it gone as well, but they take matters in their own hands discovering different ways people have healed themselves naturally. While a small percentage of others are so overwhelmed, they have already given up because the pure realization is too much.

This friend also asked me if I knew why some of the same alternative therapies worked for some and not for others with the same, and less complicated, diagnosis. I told him I didn’t. Before he told me the answer, he asked me how excited I was about my natural therapy. Before I began to speak, he said, “You don’t even have to tell me, I see it in your eyes and how you speak.”

He began to tell me that most people do not believe that what they are doing will help. This is because they are so overwhelmed by the fact that they have cancer, they can’t find anything positive to focus on. This is actually a natural occurrence in all humans. He said that unless a person can believe that what they are doing, regardless of what it is, is helping, more than likely, the treatment will not overcome their condition. This includes surgery, Chemo, Radiation or Natural.

OK, from my own experience, I have talked to many people with cancer and other ailments, and I can tell you that the people, who are positive and up-beat, regardless of their situation, tend to respond better to therapy than those that don’t. I know it’s hard, but it’s the truth. This also goes for any type of situation in life. Keeping a positive outlook only promotes a positive outcome.

Now, getting back to my close friend who took his life and how this compares. He actually made a choice. He felt so overwhelmed that he couldn’t see the other choices he had available to him. And this is what happens when we have been told we have cancer for the first time. We are so overwhelmed, that most of us fail to see that other choices for recovery exist.

I have good days and bad days. I get emails from people who think I am crazy, don’t have cancer, I shouldn’t talk about natural therapies, and I have no right to make the decisions I’ve made. I get people who walk up to me at work and tell me I look great, and to keep doing what it is I’m doing. Some of these people want to know more about the foods I eat and the changes I’ve made.

I have to say, that none of this is a walk in the park. Good food and supplements cost money. Sometimes its money I don’t have, but I believe. I believe that what I am doing is right, and all things needed will come in Gods time, not mine.

You see – it really comes down to what you believe. If you believe your time is up, you have no choices, or no one cares, this will change you and block the necessary healing process. If you truly believe in the positive things you are doing (as I do), beyond the doubt, I am absolutely certain; your body, mind and spirit, will heal itself.


I am writing a book about my journey with cancer, and would like to know if I can add a thank you to my supporters. Please let me know with a yes or no message…. Thank you.

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