Beat Cancer, Stephen Jackson, SCC, Squamous Cell Carcinoma, Update 3-12-2016

As many of you know from my last video, a pretty scary image of my neck tumor had people on my phone wondering when I was going to start Chemo and Radiation treatment. Well, what I failed to explain clearly was that one of my protocols got a little out of control and I managed to create an abscess over the tumor site.

The miracle is, just two days ago, my body decided to lance the abscess on it’s own. The swelling, inflammation, and pain have all but subsided. Wow, that was something. But we are headed in the right direction, and today I will provide measurable proof.

Today I have decided to share a very exciting set of photos with you. These are before and after images of the Tonsil tumor in my throat.

There are a number of reasons I feel people need to know about this, but the main one is to provide a little hope, when we have so little, at times, being cancer patients.

I mean, when you have cancer, it’s kind of hard keeping your spirits every day because you know, deep down inside, you are scared as shit. You don’t have any clue how your recover will play out. Some days you feel you’re getting better, and then BANG! The floor falls out. Something changes and you have to try and figure out what went wrong, or your body isn’t responding, or the pain is just too great.

This video will give you some hope. Especially those whom are stage-4, like me.

The healing has always been present, however, my body has now decided to start showing the results in the physical aspect of things.

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