Balancing the body PH for those with cancer – A letter from Dave and Riki

This is a response I recieved from a person very heavy into spiritual healing and alternative therapies for dealing with cancer. I present this in it’s original form:



There have been many interesting points raised on neutralizing cancer. There are many effective protocols, many of them mentioned on this forum.

Something we think needs addressing is the absolute nescessity of Ph balance in the body.

Many of you have maintained swimming pools. If the Ph is 7.2 to 7.6 one cup of chlorine will address the cleanliness of 15,000 gallons of water. If the Ph drops an increment below this 7.1 to 7.0 you will need a gallon of chlorine. If it drops below 6.7 or so you will need to add chlorine almost continuosly.

The point here is that the Ph scale is like the Richter scale of earthquakes. 1 full point is 10 times more acidic if you move the Ph scale from 7.0. People we have tested with cancer or precancer are invariably testing in the low 6’s and 5’s. Ph 5 is 100 times more acidic than Ph.7.

When you introduce medicinal or treatment protocols to this very out of balance environment they will have very reduced or altered effects from what is desired.

The chlorine in the pool forms different materials depending on the Ph, that is why it is less effective as the Ph drops. At Ph5 you will never get a clean pool. The correct procedure is to balance the Ph with acid then add your chlorine. The reason I mention this in detail is that we are 70 to 75 percent water. If you bring the Ph of the body back to balance all the previously mentioned protocols will be very much more effective. In face the balancing of the body’s Ph may solve the problem on its own.

The Ormus we make and probably many more contribute to this in 2 ways. The Ph is about Ph 8 or 8.1. Secondly Ormus enables the internal communication systems, which also work better in a balanced Ph environment, to do their job, and even improve as the Ormus introduced supplements contribute to the restoring of the internal communication systems more closely to their original blueprint.

We helped a lady testing positive for cancer with a biopsy, Ph 5.2 to redress her balance in 4 days to Ph 6.9.
1/2 an organic lemon in a glass of water each morning. stop red meat. absolutely no soft drinks.

Vitamins—5000 iu D3 minimum 50,000 maximum.
coral calcium triple recomended dosage at least.

Bath—- 2 cups of epson salts 1 box of baking soda, 1 bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide, soak 20 minutes.

Use Ph test strips on saliva and urine in the morning before you eat and at least 2 hours remote from meals. Adjust according to the Ph readings till imbalance is corrected and continue to use strips as a monitoring media. Adjust diet to maintain this Ph.

Note: The body maintains a blood Ph of 7.4. This is the area you want to be. Remember the ratios of chlorine to Ph. In England they have been transfusing filltered seawater for blood plasma in cattle for 30 plus years and people for 16 plus years. Seawater is Ph8.3. This work was based on a guy in the second world war who had no blood supplies to do his work and used seawater rather than have people die, forget his name. Balance is everything.

Love and Life Dave and Riki


I hope this helps those who are finding alternative therapies taking awhile to kick in. If your body isn’t properly balanced, it could take more time to get the recovery process in full swing.

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